Here are some of the wonderful book reviews I am so grateful to have received!


For Shattering Truths

“Kyrian Lyndon has the ability to turn words in beautiful mosaics of description. This gift shines throughout this emotional story of a girl trying to dig her way out of heartbreak and turmoil while growing up in teenage life. She does a wonderful job developing all of the characters and you become attached to their fates, their losses, their victories.One can sympathize with the main characters as they try to find their place in this often chaotic world, struggling with inner and natural desires, looking to set up boundaries to live life with dignity. It’s a harsh lesson for Danielle. Society is ready to devour her, and she’s confused in how she should respond.The vulnerability of the characters makes this a terrific first book in the series.”~Love Books


“A gripping and emotional story about trauma and abuse, told through the eyes of the relatable Danielle DeCorso. Author Kyrian Lyndon skillfully weaves a tale of the trials and tribulations that follow in the aftermath of events which rock the very foundation of this girl’s life, and deals with the emotional scarring and identity issues that result. Each chapter is briskly paced and flows into the next, painting vivid pictures through exquisite description, artful storytelling and potent characterization. The supporting cast is vibrant, ranging from highly likable supporting friends to despicable narcissistic sociopaths, which comprise the world our heroine interacts with as she struggles to find balance and stability. Though heartbreaking at times, the story is also uplifting and inspirational.I think people need to read this book. It’s a powerful assessment of the human experience and it’s consistently engaging the whole way through. Highly recommended!!” ~Elizabeth Greschner


“This book isn’t for the faint at heart. Dani’s life is dark. she doesn’t have it easy and the book doesn’t hold back. We get the nitty gritty good bad and ugly which makes it more real and emotional for the reader. Dani not only has her family dynamic that is dark especially with the brother Robbie what is up there but also her dad. On top of this the girl is trying to put herself back together and figure out a time that has her spooked and frightened. A time she only has bits and pieces of memory about but the more she runs into the players the more anxiety and fear she has. to make things worse her cousin who was involved as well denies the incident ever happening. To me this is a pivotal moment for Dani. this and her talking openly and honestly with her brother Robbie as she comes to terms with who he is on the inside without him really knowing himself, her family home life and the incident. Through all the darkness this young woman emerges as a strong character that you know will make it. For me Robbie is the key for her secrets and revelations at home. I feel for him because he doesn’t truly know himself but he does care for Dani and helps her in my opinion. As Dani finds out more about the past she goes from withdrawn and guilt-ridden to a girl who fights more for herself and to the light. As revelations are made and she sees the bigger picture she gets renewed strength and conviction but she needs to first reach rock bottom before she can see the light and the light for her comes when things are finally revealed and she learns the truth. But also deals with them. A dark alluring and fascinating book about a girl trying to crawl out of the darkness and despair and grow in strength and spirit. The writing is emotional and dark but is gripping as well. A truly suspenseful book that has you gripped in fear and despair sometimes but also sad at the life that Dani was leading as she entrancingly crawls out of the darkness and begins to grow stronger and have light in her world.”~Books are Love


“Kyrian Lyndon’s ‘Deadly Veils Book 1′  is a startlingly intense look into the lives of the young teens in present day America! The story starts with Danielle DeCorso, a young 16 year old in her house fighting panic and terrified of the sounds of the night and glimpses of two men in a car stalking her. Her life and all her actions are steered by her bondage. Her bondage is not some kind of slavery but something psychological. In the authors words “We can be psychologically in bondage to anything and anyone”. The story starts with the young Danielle fighting her fears and doing her utmost to overcome her inner fears and trying to desperately conform to a contradictory set of codes governing her life – on the one hand parents who conform to the rules of behavior of the past generation and the other to the path being followed by the young boys and girls of today, breaking the suffocating cloak of the past and venturing into new areas of recreation and self identification.Kryian Lyndon has stepped into the highest echelons of contemporary American Literature with this penetrating novel which reflects the ethos of the times. The novel places the ‘Nays’ to the use of some reprehensible language and words on one side and the ‘Yeas’ on the other in direct confrontation with age old ethics. It is a piercing look into the crumbling edifice of the straight laced outlook of the past, revealing the way the paths are deviating into a questionable future. There are many protagonists ranging from the downright bad guys to the intrinsically good guys with the entire gamut of the ‘other guys’ thrown in. It is a story of how the protagonist finally overcomes the constraints imposed by her family and fraternity and finally takes the decisive step to bring justice to the deserving. I think that this is a book which every adult with children should read since it will be an eye-opener to them and will certainly help them to understand the next generation, its fears and struggles and battles to survive with honor and respect in this changing world. I award this novel a glittering FIVE STARS.”~ Deepak Menon


This coming of age story is eloquently written and will transport you back in time to 1987 to witness the journey of 16-year-old Dani as she comes to terms with the horrors, joys, and often the shattering realities of growing up. This book has well-rounded characters that are multifaceted, genuine, and believable. It also deals with feelings of self-worth, loyalty, family, and friendship. I would recommend this to every person I know and even those I don’t. It truly is a compelling book that you will not be able to put down after you begin. It flows effortlessly along and leaves you aching for more. I am looking forward to reading more titles from this talented author!”~Courtney Cannon


“Once I began to read it, the characters came to life. Ms. Lyndon’s style of writing is so descriptive that it takes you on her adventure encountered so vividly. Her book is very easy reading. I had a difficult time wanting to put it down. It is real and touches so much of teenagers today and what they go through. It is also most enjoyable for adults, bringing them back into the time they were that age, going through much the same. I hated for it to end., only because I am anxious to pick up Ms. Lyndon’s next book to continue the journey. A must read for all! Ms. Lyndon’s style of writing is truly captivating.”~A Fan


“An emotionally told story. Well written. This book will catch you right in from the start. You won’t be able to put it down easily! And you find yourself wanting to see this as a series that last a long time. Characters are amazing and easy to relate to. The plot of the story will have you by the string of emotions! A must return back to author for more books to read!”~Peggy


“Book 1 of Kyrian Lyndon’s series is a powerful story right from the start. It is masterfully written and totally immerses the reader into the lives of Dani DiCorso, her family and friends. Without even realizing it, the reader finds themself totally involved in the story and can relate aspects of the story to their own life. Beautifully and honestly written with an incredible amount of feeling that will leave you wanting more. I cannot wait for the next book in the series.”~Joanne D


For Remnants of Severed Chains

“What I enjoyed most about reading Remnants is how the poems flow into one another with great conviction. The ebb and flow of innocence begins the book. I felt like I was the child seeing and feeling as what is beautifully described in the poems. But that’s only the beginning. Each poem engulfs a new perspective from the eyes of a young woman who feels darkness, light, and victory. I was so happy the book ended on an inspiring note and I look forward to more poetry by Ms. Lyndon.”~Laurie Kozlowski


Remnants of Severed Chains is another of Kyrian Lyndon’s masterpieces! The words of many of the poems speak to me with such feeling and emotion. I was mesmerized from the Preface. The poetry is simple to read, the emotions each poem creates is one that is lovable, intense, overpowering and more. I look forward to rereading Remnants of Severed Chains and sharing it with others I feel will enjoy it as well. I am anxious to read Ms. Lyndon’s next book. She seems to make the words come to life and the story/poem touches my heart and soul. Excellent Writer!”~A Fan


“It’s a book of poems that focuses on love, love lost, love perhaps to be gained and healing. Ms. Lyndon talks about healing in her foreword, too. It’s obvious she had challenges in her past and is continuing on her road to recovery. ‘Silence The Voice’ is a short, simple yet profound work of art. She writes of a long ago voice haunting her. She speaks of how she will overcome it. In ‘We Go On’, Ms. Lyndon continues the battle,encouraging the reader to fight through their own personal battles, and find peace.She is positive too with her lyrics. I hear them in my head to soft music. Perhaps it’s on a snowy evening while taking a walk near the ocean or bay. Or maybe it’s alone on a deserted small town street. I’ll read it again. Some words are already prevalent in my mind, in my day, motivating me, inspiring me to forge ahead against life’s daily challenges.”~Love Books


“I love this book!! The poems are so engaging. It’s a treat to read the work of an amazing poet. This is a book I will pick up time and time again.”~D. Terrell


For A Dark Rose Blooms

A Dark Rose Blooms is certainly an interesting read, Deadly Veils an interesting theme. Even while I’m not really a poetry reader, a poem like “Departed” keeps sticking to the mind like the memories of real love. Alone lets the reader almost feel the tension between turning off a love song on the radio and the quiet that follows, when you hear your own cough; every beautiful thing is wrapped in these subtle contrasts. The whole bundle reminds me of a thought I have on my mind very often: we don’t necessarily *have* to feel happy all the time – but we can still wonder all the time. Because it is ‘little things that mean so much’. Sometimes things originate from a violent event (‘Lady’ is in remembrance of a friend who was murdered) but most poems are all introspection. In fact, although it’s poetry, it reads like a bunch of deep thoughts written down in a contemplative mood, who also happen to be poetic, like a side-effect of contemplation. ‘One Love’ is one of my favorites. ‘Compassion for all – or we fall’ sounds like it could have been my own anthem. Compassion is one of the most beautiful treasures we have, in this world.


“I thoroughly enjoyed the beautiful collection of poems featured in A Dark Rose Blooms. I have always greatly admired those who pour their hearts out in poetry, because in gives an insiders view of important moments and emotions within a person’s life. This book captures the lighthearted and fun moments as well as a few deep, solitary, and sometimes quite dark moments. I’m appreciative to have read it, and the excerpt for the author’s upcoming novel from the Deadly Veils series, has me excited and intrigued to read the first book. I’m looking forward to many more works from Kyrian Lyndon, and can’t wait to know what is in store, next!”~Laurie Kozlowski


“Kryian Lyndon has shared the depth of her feelings with the poems in this anthology. This is a collection of beautiful, deeply inspired poems. Each is carefully crafted to express exactly her sentiments and perceptions. Her lyric voice speaks with careful observation and passion: ‘I could listen with the stillness of the ocean before daybreak.’ ‘We dwell in the body of the sculptor.’ ‘Peering through the open space, all I see is blackness.” In the narrative mode she is masterful in reading life around her, “Bits and pieces of a strange, strange life go flashing by my eyes.’ ‘Thunder and lightening make this night seem a battle of foes.’ And, possibly the line that overlays the entire collection, ‘Don’t stop singing your life’s song.’ Kyrian possesses the sensitivity, insight, and soul of the true poet. Unlike some poetry that is often overloaded with needless affectation and picturesque fluff, Kyrian’s language is carefully chosen, exact, each word helpful in building the theme of her poem. Her writing provides a primer on how to compose meaningful poetry. She has carefully selected the poems for this collection, each powerful, each precise in its intent. I await her next book.”~Lou Jones


“I’ve been a lover of poetry since I was a child. I love how the poet reaches deep inside their souls and hearts to express their inner most thoughts about life, love, and tragedy. Ms. Lyndon does all of this in her debut book. The poems are rich in description and layered in meaning. She has the ability to convey to the reader some of the most complex thoughts into words that truly reach our hearts. A bonus is we get an excerpt from a book she is currently writing. She has a beautiful style and the excerpt is also rich with her writing. It’s obvious she has a high skill level in this area. I look forward to purchasing the novel she is working on. I hope she decides to release it soon.”~Love Books


“Kyrian Lyndon’s A Dark Rose Blooms is one of the most intense books of prose poetry one can find in any library. One is drawn into the poems and the meanings behind every line, and feels that one is looking into the soul of the poet! Each poem evokes memories of fragments of one’s own life entwined with a yearning for the yesteryear as well as for a glimpse into the unfolding future. The poet has certainly drawn from her own life – yet because of the intense emotions swaying from one end of the pendulum’s swing to the other, one can’t help but wonder what the actual life of the poet has been! This book is a very small one, but in stature it is as towering as Mount Everest and as massive as the Rock of Ages! It deserves the Five glowing stars I have awarded it without an iota of doubt, and I strongly recommend this book to people who still search their souls because they have one! Very well written Kyrian Lyndon!~Deepak Menon



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