Some people may think unconditional love as a way of life means loving, supporting, befriending, and forgiving everyone in every instance. I see it as a general way to view other humans and a way of having compassion for those who struggle.

It doesn’t mean supporting or necessarily forgiving the behavior of those who intentionally seek to harm others. It doesn’t mean befriending those people.

Unconditional love is a blanket feeling, a way to interact and approach. It’s a way to work at your life’s passions. Overall, it’s a way of being—having an inclusive mindset, offering a welcome space, and relentlessly projecting love. ~D.K.

“People often ask me
what is the most effective technique
for transforming their life.
It is a little embarrassing
that after years and years of research
and experimentation,
I have to say that the best answer is—
just be a little kinder.”
Aldous Huxley

Feature image of heart with dove, earth by Stefan Keller from Pixabay 

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