I’ve recently created a site at https://culture-cave.spruz.net/ that allows members to share work, blogs, photos, videos, memes, etc. We also have groups, discussions, and chat rooms.

This social network is for everyone involved in the arts (literature/art/music, etc.). It is also for people who appreciate these contributions (book lovers, music lovers, etc.) All are welcome to share, educate, and learn in a supportive space. Recovery from anything is another welcome topic. We strive to heal, evolve, and succeed!

Our “events” feature allows members to post about online or real-life events, including book launches, signings, and promos.

Our “links” feature will enable members to post their websites for interested readers/clients, etc.

The chat rooms can be utilized by members to host events, meetings, demonstrations—whatever helps them in self-promotion, and we will assist with the invites. They also exist to just chat. 🙂

We can continue to build this site together, so if you think you and anyone you know might enjoy this opportunity, please join us. 


If you have trouble registering, you may contact me at kyrianlyndon@kyrianlyndon.com. I will assist you.

Once you join, I ask that you read the “IMPORTANT” note on the left side of our landing page and then “How To Use” this site on our “DISCUSSION” board so that you can achieve the maximum benefits of membership.

Hope to see you there!

Feature photo by Aaron Lee on Unsplash


  1. I am hoping to “dive in” soon. As in “soon as a bunch of other junk gets dealt with this week.” Does the chat room here operate like Zoom where you need to sked a time and then invite others?

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    • We don’t have video chat. They are just chat rooms.


      • OK, so I’m thinking we still putting something out inviting people to chat? If this helps to clarify my question, my first experience on Zoom was non-video, but someone from a Twitter circle of writers said let’s chat on Saturday at noon. Is it like that or less “scheduled?” (LOL You can tell I’ve spent very little time in chat rooms.)

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  2. We have the ability to create multiple chat rooms so when people are in general chat, another can be created for a specific purpose. I would love to have a regularly scheduled writers chat.

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