I contributed a ghost story here for Brave Wings, along with authors, Johanna Lamon and Kimberly Hoffman. Fun stuff! Mine includes an excerpt from my novel, Shattering Truths. You can win a copy of Shattering Truths by entering Brave Wings magazine’s giveaway at There are a lot of other prizes, too – books, games, and gift cards. Enjoy the ghost stories and then check it out! 🙂


by Johanna Lamon, translated from French by James Gault.

At the beginning of
June 1996, two youths came out of the Akido club in Béziers. They had just
finished two hours of martial arts training, but they didn’t want to meet up
with the other club members. They left, knowing Bruno has his Baccalaureate
exams the next day. Tired and in a hurry, they made their way to the car park.
Sylvain, nineteen years old, took the wheel and off they set.

A few minutes
later, on the deserted road, the two boys noticed a silhouette on the right
hand side of the road. Sylvain slowed down. As they approached, they saw it was a young
girl, fragile and diaphanous. Sylvain stopped the car. Bruno rolled down the
window and asked her if she wanted a lift home, reminding her it wasn’t wise…

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