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When I put out a call for beta readers a couple of weeks ago, many of you had questions.

First, you asked what a beta reader does. Beta readers work with authors before a book’s release. They read the book, and their role is to provide feedback to the author. They don’t have to be writers, but it helps if they are avid readers. As such, their feedback is an integral part of the process.

Most writers want feedback on story content, grammar, spelling, typos, etc. As for me, I ask that my beta readers focus solely on story content. I and another professional will edit the work several times before its release. I want to know how the readers feel about everything and everyone in the book. I want to know if they get confused at any point, if they spot inconsistencies. I want to know if something didn’t make sense to them, what they liked, what they didn’t like. Of course, if a reader happens to discover an error, I would ask that they note it for me.

Another question I’ve gotten is whether beta readers get paid for their services. Generally, no, but I’m happy to reward my beta readers with a signed copy of the book or a Kindle/Nook book if that’s what they prefer. They will receive, along with the book, one unit of any merchandise I order for the book, i.e., bookmarks, T-shirts. I would also include them in the book’s acknowledgments.

Now, the book they would be reading is the second installment in my Deadly Veils series, where the focus moves away from teen drama and gets quite intense.

So far, the beta readers who have signed up to read Deadly Veils Book Two have read the first book of the series. While I am interested in someone who hasn’t read the first book, I would still consider someone who has.

People have asked about other criteria. Well, I need someone who has the time and motivation. The outline for the second book is complete, and I’ve already begun the first chapter. I would like to get this in the hands of my editor no later than July 1st, which means I would need time to do any revisions based on feedback from my beta readers.

As for how it works. I would send chapters at a time or the entire book when it’s finished. Readers may want to send comments as they think of them, or they may want to send all their comments at the end of each chapter, or even at the end of the book. I’d go with whatever system works best for that individual reader.

If you’re interested or think anyone you know may be interested, please e-mail or message me. I would be happy to answer any other questions you or they may have.


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Kyrian Lyndon is the author of Shattering Truths, the first book in her Deadly Veils series. She has published two poetry collections, A Dark Rose Blooms, and Remnants of Severed Chains, as well as several articles for Rebelle Society and The Voice of Literature e-zines. She is the founder and publisher of Moonlit Dawn Publications and Brave Wings magazine and also the editor-in-chief of Brave Wings. Brave Wings magazine promotes healing and empowerment through the written word. “Its focus,” she says, “is on the human condition—whatever we experience in life that helps us learn, grow, and evolve.” Kyrian is forthcoming about being a person with many years of recovery, as well as a trauma survivor. Throughout her journeys, she has expressed her thoughts through poetry, embracing every challenge to triumph over adversity. In her conviction that learning, growing, healing, and evolving is a never-ending process, she remains as grateful for the dark days as she is for every flicker of hope and light. Her passion for awareness advocacy and sharing insight motivates her to entertain in ways that provoke, enrich, and inspire. She began writing short stories and fairy tales when she was just eight years old. In her adolescence, she moved on to poetry. At sixteen, while working as an editor for her high school newspaper, she wrote her first novel and then completed two more books at the ages of nineteen and twenty-five. Kyrian has always been passionate about music (all kinds). She loves nineteenth-century British literature, parallel universe fiction, thrillers, horror, and dark romanticism. She is also devoted to fitness which is a must, she says, if you enjoy cooking (and eating) as much as she does.

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