Are you interested in reaching an audience or a new audience?

I’m looking for blogs, poems, photos, artwork, short stories, even a web series that would appeal to my readers. Posts that enlighten, help, and inspire with focus on recovery, coping, healing, and evolving are ideal. Pure entertainment is wonderful, too!

Work published on another site is fine as long as it’s your original work, and you have properly edited any text.

I am particularly interested in people who would like guest posters for their own site, so we can exchange.

When you create a blog you think I’d like to share, send me a link. If you want to share photos or poetry, just get them up on WordPress, Blogger, or your website.

Attach a bio and a photo of you. If you prefer not to have an image of you, it can be a trademark or something else associated with you or your work. You won’t have to submit the bio or photo for subsequent posts unless you want to update it.

A feature photo to accompany the work is highly recommended either included on the blog or sent as a separate attachment. You must also provide the source for your feature photo so that we can give proper credit to the artist or photographer. If you are the artist or photographer, indicate that. If you are not sure where to find photos you can use legally with proper attribution, I can recommend a couple of sites.

If you have preferred hashtags for sharing, please provide them, or I will tag accordingly.

I’ll send you the link to your post, and share it on Facebook, Twitter, and possibly other sites.


Photo by BK, original photo credit Jonathan Combe

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